Application virtualization is at the heart of Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V). It decouples applications from the operating system and enables them to run as network services. Application virtualization can be layered on top of other virtualization technologies - network, storage, and machine - to create a fully virtual IT environment where computing resources can be dynamically allocated in real-time based on real-time needs. App-V's patented application virtualization, dynamic streaming delivery, and centralized management technologies make everything from deployments and upgrades to migrations and business continuity initiatives easier and faster with better agility:

  • Application virtualization: Enable applications to run without the need to visit a desktop, laptop, or terminal server. Applications are no longer installed on the client - and there is minimal impact on the host operating system or other applications. The most extensive virtualization technology on the market, App-V virtualizes per user, per application instance, as well as key application components. As a result, application conflicts and the need for regression testing are dramatically reduced.
  • Dynamic streaming delivery: Applications are rapidly delivered, when needed, to laptops, desktops, and terminal servers. In most cases only a small percentage of the application is needed to launch the application. Additional components are delivered when transparently requested by the application. This results in faster delivery of the application when needed.
  • Centralized, policy-based management: Virtual Application deployments, patches, updates, and terminations are more easily managed via policies, and administered through the App-V console or via your ESD system. Use Microsoft App-V Application Virtualization to help reduce the complexities inherent in enterprise application management. With App-V you can reduce challenges and transform your computing environment into a dynamic, services-oriented infrastructure.
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