Have you ever wondered why you spend a considerable amount of time in sourcing your commodity encountering "brick wall" after "brick wall".

The transaction never takes place, and your clients trust in you diminishes. Have you been there before? We would say "yes" most of us have. Fruitless hours wasted at no fault of yours. RAMP Associates is the answer to your commodity needs. We are the end seller of all major commodities in the world.

Our procedures for the sale of commodities is very simple we do not entertain broker chains. If you are one away from the mandate we may consider opening lines of communication with you. We only deal directly with the legal mandate of the buyer, and the buyer respectively. We are not in the business to circumvent. If you are worried about circumvention, and issue an NDA then you are not the mandate just a broker, because why would a buyer circumvent their own mandate.

We are the mandates for an end buyer of precious metals, and precious stones. The buyer is listed on Bloomberg and has the capacity to purchase large volumes of bullion daily. If you are the legal mandate, and or buyer respectively we would like to hear from you with a verifiable FCO. Once your product can be verified we have no issue validating our financial strength. Please note we will not raise any financial instruments to initiate a transition. Gold bullion will be purchased as per international law. Any fake offers will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Please feel free to contact us.

RAMP Associates

Winterhuder Weg 27, 22085 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49 40 537 981 440 | Email:

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