RAMP Associates is a socially aware and ethical organisation that understands the need to look after the world we live in. The impact of climate change and excessive use of synthetic, chemical inputs and genetically modified food may have seemed like a good idea in its infancy. Crops growing faster, increased yields. That was yesterday’s news! When the world attempts to change/fool Mother Nature the results are not always what is expected. With a person dying from hunger every 3.6 seconds of which 75% are children it was time to act considering the world has a new plague “Food Security” that man has contributed to.

RAMP Associates partnered with a Canadian Corporation GGO International Management (GGOIM) that researches, develops and manufactures the most advanced organic and non-toxic fertilizers, pesticides, and soil improvements in the world. GGOIM uses sustainable methods, as well as natural and sustainable materials. GGOIM’s mission statement” Go Replenish Our World” is in line with RAMP Associates ethos, hence both organisations entered into partnership. Both organisations believe if governmental attitudes can be changed this will stem throughout the country.

RAMP Associates are representing GGO International Management in:

  • Africa (Multiple Countries)
  • Europe (Multiple Countries)
  • MENA Region
  • South Asia
  • North America
  • South America
  • RAMP Associates

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